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How To Set an Appropriate Budget for Your Dental Marketing Campaign

Every dental office is different. And so are their budgets. There is not a specific, single marketing strategy that will work for every dental office. But what holds true for all dental practices is promoting your practice and creating an appropriate marketing budget. It’s important to utilize the right marketing options to keep your practice in the forefront of local prospective patients.

What are Your Dental Office Objectives?

You might be a new practice in the launch phase, needing to grab the attention of your local community for a grand opening. You could be spending a higher percentage than normal on a marketing campaign, simply to get your name out there and familiarize the community with your brand. Or if your practice is already well established and you’re adding a new whitening system, you can have a lower budget to target a select younger audience. Both campaigns have specific goals that require different budgets.

Market Plans and Market Budget

Whatever your marketing goal may be, you need to know how much you have to spend and which tactics to use to be successful. One campaign may be more cost effective and wider-reaching than another, depending on who your audience is.

There are many marketing channels that can drive potential patients to your dental practice, such as:

  • Direct mail
  • Billboards
  • Click ads
  • Local broadcast
  • Local SEO
  • Email marketing

Adjust, Update, and Think Ahead

Monitoring the effectiveness of each of your marketing campaigns and their return on investment throughout the year will also help build a budget you can physically measure. These numbers show when to adjust campaigns. As well as where it is critical to maintain or expend particular marketing channels.

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