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In-Office Full Arch Coaching

Dr. Trisha Le is one of the most respected full arch coaches in the industry.


A unique live surgical opportunity to learn the full arch implant treatment on 4 implants with digital workflow from an expert instructor in the comfort of your practice. Dr. Trisha Le will help you find 2 paid (at a special discount fee) full arch cases and guide you through all the didactic education on full arch digital workflow, and pre-surgical planning via Online communication. Dr. Trisha Le then will spend 3 ½ days at your practice to coach you on surgery and delivering of provisionals for 2 cases. Instruction for the final prosthesis impression will be discussed and will be coached through online communication. All lab work will be provided by Dr. Trisha Le’s in-house lab at a discount fee.

Each dentist will treat an upper and lower arch and learn analog and digital workflow processes to immediately temporize a 3D printed prosthesis and analog conversion of a denture.

  • Number of Days: 3 ½ in office
  • Online Didactic and Hands-On Training: up to 30 hours
  • Days of Live Surgery: 2
  • Zoom case discussion, planning, and review: 3-5 hours

Dr. Trisha Le

Dr. Trisha Le DDS

Dr. Trisha Le DDS graduated from the University of Washington dental school in Seattle and opened her first office in Everett, WA in 1997.

Who is the course for?

U.S. licensed dentists that want to offer full arch fixed surgical and restorative solutions to their patients. It is recommended that doctors have advanced oral and implant surgical experience.

Recommended that participants must have prior didactic All on Four experience.

Recommended that participants have placed 200+ implants.

Dentists that want to learn the digital workflow for full arch dental implant treatment.

Pre-Course Online Training

  • Anatomy and biology related to dental implant surgery
  • Reading and Analyzing CBCT data
  • Design and fabricate a simple surgical guide
  • Intro to 3D printing
  • All on Four Treatment Concept

3-5 Hour Live Online Meeting / online communication – Review and plan your case, Introduction to Digital Workflow.

Day 1: Meet at the office in the afternoon

  • Review case 1
  • Model surgery
  • Print and process surgical guide design on your Phrozen Printer
  • Set up for surgery
  • Last minutes of preparation

Day 2: 8AM – 12PM

  • Surgery placing 4 implants for case 1
  • Digital workflow data collection for fabricating provisional

Day 2: 1PM – 5PM

  • Review case
  • Prepare for case 2 without model surgery

Day 3: 8AM – 1PM

  • Surgery placing 4 implants for case 2
  • Converting a denture to a provisional using the Smart Conversion kit
  • Deliver Bite Guard

Day 3: 2PM – 6PM

  • Receive data from digital Designer for case 1
  • Print provisional with Phrozen printer On X material
  • Review case 2 surgery
  • Questions and answers

Day 4: 8AM – 9AM

Deliver case 1 provisional and bite guard

Day 4: 9AM – 3PM

Review the who process from the beginning

  • Case selection
  • Indications
  • Edentulous patients vs dentate
  • CBCT scan techniques
  • Consultation fee discussion consent forms
  • Introduction to Guided Surgery
  • Pre Surgical Planning and preparation
  • Supplies, parts, and instrumentation
  • Discussion surgical guide with your lab
  • Different types of Surgical guides for different case scenarios
  • Introduction to bone graft and crestal lift
  • Flap Design, sutures. Type of Sutures and membrane/bone graft
  • Four different methods to fabricate provisionals Analog and Digital
  • Introduction to Photogrammetry Icam 4D
  • Postoperative instruction and medication
  • Postoperative complications
  • Surgical complication
  • What if implants don’t integrate
  • Broken provisionals
  • Permanent bridge choice of materials
  • Impression technique for the permanent bridge
  • Different kinds of connection platforms for the permanent bridge
  • Working with your dental lab technician
  • Organization for your implant department: from the front office to the clinical team
  • Marketing for your full arch cases

Fee for the Course

$1,500 Payment at the time of registration.

We will help you to advertise and find 2 patients for 2 cases (Treatment will be offered to patients at a special fee of $14,500 per arch). The full $29,000 will be used for your education, purchase of parts for the cases, and lab fee.

  • Course tuition: $14,000 paid when both cases accept treatment and make payments
  • Flight and lodging for Dr. Trisha Le and her assistant
  • All implants and parts for the cases (if the doctor doesn’t have a guided surgical kit cost to purchase the kit and or the motor will be separated)
  • A Phrozen mini 4K and 2 vats (will be yours to keep)
  • Resin for surgical guide and provisionals used in office
  • Lab fee for lab service provided by Dr. Trisha Le’s digital lab: $7,400 for both cases (including all surgical guides and provisionals)
  • Use of ICAM 4D and or intra-oral scan/ desktop scan and necessary tools from Dr. Trisha Le to finish the case

** Dr. Trisha Le uses Glidewell Hahn’s dental implants for her surgery. If you request the use of a different implant system that costs higher, you may have to pay for the extra cost.

Are you ready to be coached?

The education comes at almost NO COST to you. You will be doing the surgery, not just only as an observer. You can not find any other opportunity to get into full arch as easy as this. And we always can do this more than one time if after the first session you find yourself more holding hands to moving on your own. We will do it until you feel confident enough to do your surgery by yourself.

We also offer a lifetime “special fee schedule” for all lab work sent to us by our alumni. Keep the cost of delivery full arch dentistry low and predictable.