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Dental Implant Marketing Using Google Ads

Dental Implant Marketing Using Google Ads

Dental implant patients are unique. When you’re able to pinpoint where your implant marketing efforts go, it means you’re that much closer to connecting with your ideal target market. It also ensures that your investment is optimized for maximum efficiency, rather than throwing money to the wind.

Outside of traditional web design and SEO techniques, one of your crucial marketing methods is Google Ads.

Why Online Ads?

Americans spend more time online than ever, and for good reason. Most of us are working online, remotely, or using the internet to connect with others during a time of social distancing.

With Google Ads, you’re able to specifically connect online with people who are searching for the service that you offer. Depending on how the ad is set up, specific keywords like “dental implants”, “All-on-4”, “mini implants”, or “smile makeovers” will pop up on various websites. It’s all based on the past searches and interests of the person browsing. The more frequently the viewer sees your unique implant branding, the more aware they’ll be – making a connection between your services and the treatment that they’re looking for.

Tailoring the Process

At Apex, your dental implant marketing strategists selects where the Google Ad is seen, even if that means within an extremely specific geographical area! We can specifically select certain neighborhoods or mapped areas for those individuals to see the ad, allowing you to be smarter about your marketing investment.

We can see exactly what people are searching for — whether it’s smile makeovers, full mouth construction, or dental implants — then adapt your Google Ad messages to intercept those specific searches. In turn, it helps drive prospective patients directly to a landing page devoted to that specific topic.

Why Apex?

At Apex Dental Solutions we balance SEO, web design, Google Ads, and Direct Mail marketing strategies specifically for dental implant dentists. Particularly those that specialize in dental implant therapy!

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