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Targeted Direct Mail Approach vs. Every Door Direct Mail Marketing

Let’s not let the nostalgic form of sending physical mail die just yet. With mail dwindling down as a form of a dental marketing, the new medium for many is an increased use of email strategies. But there’s still an untapped opportunity for your dental implant office to take advantage of the unsaturated avenue to reach new patients through more targeted strategies.

Before you purchase a book of stamps and a stack of 1,000 pre-made postcards to blanket the neighborhood, there’s a marketing strategy with a more fine-tuned approach that stands out in mailboxes. Marketing to your targeted audience.

New Scope of Mail Delivery

Direct mail works great for new practices who need to gain traction in a specific area, to well-established offices looking to promote a specific service.

Direct Mail campaigns, when narrowed down to your ideal implant patient clientele, can reach a specific demographic that is more likely to convert into a long-term patient, giving you a higher return rate on your investment. Compared to sending out a generalized form of advertisement that will only resonate a few prospects, with little return from your cost.

Partnering with a dental marketing team that specializes in helping pinpoint the ideal implant candidate to best suit your practice will make your direct mail campaign that much more successful.

Stand Out from the Competition

Selecting the right dental team is just as it is important for a person to have an amazing smile. Creating custom mailers that are delivered to selected target patients within a specific area helps lead them straight to your practice. Each one is personalized and influential, so that when they’re picked up and read, patients get a “how did they know” feeling. It’s the connection they need before making an appointment with your practice.

Mailers also need a cosmetic appeal, so as not to get lost among the “junk”. Attract your prospects with special offers, encouraging them to act quickly. Remember to invoke curiosity. Make receiving your mail campaign an experience, rather than just a message.

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