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Training Your Front Staff On Phone Etiquette Will Help Close More Dental Implant Cases

Many potential patients continue to use the phone as their initial point of contact. Especially when considering which dental implant specialist they want to set a consultation with.

The phone remains an important tool for your dental implant practice over any digital automated answering services. It’s vital to train your front office staff to have excellent communication skills to retain each person who calls.

Modern Phone Etiquette is Never Out of Style

Phone etiquette is how you actively represent your dental implant office. Through the tone of your voice, choice of words, your active listening skills, and ending the conversation with a clear action plan for the patient.

Here are some tips to help ensure your team is on mark with their phone etiquette skills.

5 Phone Etiquette Tips

1. Answer the phone by the second or third ring, with a smile that can be felt on the other side of the line. Speaking in a friendly, warm, and an upbeat manner encourages callers to do the same in response.
2. After a confident “hello,” introduce yourself and thank them for calling [name of your dental office] so the caller knows who they reached. Then ask the person how your office can be of service.
3. Be professional with your words, having clear, concise sentences helps stick to the reason for their call without getting off track. Always be respectful of your callers by keeping words neutral and non-controversial.
4. Pay attention to why they called and listen intently to their information they give, so you will be ready with proper feedback and direction to handle their needs.
5. End the call with a verbal summary of the discussion, making sure that everything is taken care of and the caller is completely satisfied. Thank them for their call and how your office looks forward to meeting them in person. Have them hang up first.

Let Apex Dental Solutions help guide your front office staff to gain confidence in their patient etiquette to make every first impression a lasting one.

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