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Dental Marketing Is More Than a Website

A few decades ago, dental marketing consisted of putting an ad in the Yellow Pages. As time went by and everyone went online, your business—dental or not—simply didn’t exist without a dental website.

But dental websites aren’t simply a once-and-done event. Certain steps have to be taken to do things like:

  • Continue to divert traffic (clicks and views) to your website
  • Attract the eyes of prospective patients
  • Keep your content relevant
  • Emotionally connect to convert them into new patients

Design and Optimization

First and foremost, your dental website needs to be optimized for search engine purposes (SEO). That means both the content on the various pages, image descriptions, and even background tags that aren’t visible are all relative to what people are searching for online. Since SEO can change with trends, geographic regions, and audiences, your dental marketing company will want to run reports on what it is people are searching for to help you best connect with them online. Otherwise, your website, simply won’t show up high enough in online searches for patients to find you.

On top of that, the professional design of your website can either attract or deter the reader. Intense neuroscientific research shows everything from font spacing and color to layout and verbiage can trigger an emotional connection. It’s more cost-effective to work with a professional who is familiar with trends as opposed to trying to DIY everything.

Supplemental Information

Tying your website into business listing platforms such as Google My Business allows prospective clients to link your practice with verified reviews of other patients. It’s estimated that about 4 in 5 people will consider online Google reviews when it comes to selecting a dental care provider.

Additionally, having active and applicable social media platforms help your brand stay front and center for your target audience. The old saying, “out of sight, out of mind” is especially applicable for dental practices when it comes to online marketing.

Your Website is Just the First Step

The dental marketing experts at Apex Dental Solutions can help establish a healthy online presence and influence on audiences. Contact us today for a customized quote!

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