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Why Should Dentists Now Use Google Ads More Than Ever Before?

In the field of dentistry, the competition these days is fierce. Besides having excellent credentials and offering the latest dental implant procedures, your dental practice also needs visibility to maintain a constant influx of new patients.

But dental advertising can get tricky. You don’t want to appear as someone who is hard selling (or desperate), nor do you want to spend a fortune promoting your practice.

Putting it in Perspective

The bigger risk is not being visible when a prospective patient is looking for dental services like the ones you have to offer. Or, you may be opening a new clinic in a competitive area, offering special discounts on dental implant procedures. Perhaps you just want to broaden your reach.

Imagine missing out on the enormous markets made up of potential patients searching for the services you offer.

The best way to target your intended patient population effectively (and before anyone else does) is through a Google Ads campaign. Millions of people make online searches, and specific ones at that, on the largest search engine on the planet.

The benefits for your dental practice include:

  • You attract the patients who are looking for the implant treatments that you specialize in.
  • You start getting clicks within just an hour of turning on your ad.
  • Google allows you to share your contact details, reviews, and specific page links.

Maximize the reach and effectiveness of your Google Ads and get the most out of your investments by:

  • Create a compelling copy of your USPs and value propositions to let the patients see you as the best solution for their implant needs.
  • Research and create the best keywords for your campaign. Couple them with offers to attract more traffic.
  • Design compelling ads.
  • Link each ad to engaging and informative landing pages.
  • Track and measure your conversions.

At Apex Dental Marketing, we can guide you through these simple steps to develop the most qualified leads and continue growing your practice.

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