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Corporate Dentistry: Giving Dentists an Edge on 2nd Opinions

As more and more private dental practices shift to the umbrella of corporate management — and large dental chains move into communities — patients are starting to see the difference in care options and recommendations.

Corporate vs. Private

For some, corporate dentistry is just fine. It provides quick, savvy-priced dentistry that meets their immediate needs. But are those the same types of clients that you’re looking to attract? What about the patients who are more invested in comprehensive, long-term oral health without a pushy atmosphere or feeling rushed in and out?

By piggybacking onto the same types of marketing strategies of corporate dentistry chains in your area, private practices can attract patients who are unhappy with big-chain dentistry. Especially when you offer them an alternative like a complimentary second opinion.

Improve Business Credibility

Since GMB combines online Google reviews with your business listing, people searching for a new dentist will see both ratings, personal reviews, as well as geographical information all on one page. The more applicable information you have for prospective patients — such as where you’re located and online ratings — the more credible you become to the general public.

In-Person Patient Conversions

Encouraging your second opinion patients to bring in their original care plan for another professional’s insight can help you gain their trust. When you’re not being overseen by corporate offices, you have improved flexibility to offer alternative treatments, other applicable options, and work with your client’s needs on a more personal level.

Chances Are, They’ll Never Go Back

When dental patients seek out a second opinion, it’s usually rare for them to go back to the original treatment plan that was recommended. Why? Because they have doubts about it in the first place. Patients who want second opinions may be price shopping, or they might be the type of long-term patient you want to retain for decades to come.

Second opinion patients are a prime opportunity to work on the relationship and honesty that a dental patient is searching for. When you gain their trust through a more private-practice-centered care plan, you’ll show them how your practice is the one they’re looking for.

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