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Use Tracking Numbers to Maximize Marketing Efficiency

Do you know where your marketing strategies are headed? If you aren’t tracking the numbers, it’s like playing a game of darts with your eyes blindfolded. Sure, you might be headed in the general right direction, but you may not be as close to the bullseye as you would with the right information on hand.

Track the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts

Tracking numbers provide you with black-and-white details of where your marketing dollars are going and how many patients are converting through those messaging strategies. When your data is up to date and accurate, you’ll see exactly which efforts are working the most efficiently. You can even track leads to see where online traffic is going, who is converting, and the number and type of appointments that are being scheduled. Real-life patients provide the return on investment of your planned marketing effort that you need as a private practice dentist.

Save Money with Better Advertising

Remember the old saying, “Work smarter, not harder”? That’s exactly what you’re doing when your dental marketing agency is open and honest about your marketing successes, data, traffic, and subsequent tracking information.

When you discover and track what’s drawing in patients and converting online clicks into appointments, you narrow down your marketing strategies. Essentially, you’re getting your marketing dollars to work more efficiently, through better advertising practices.

Get Breakdowns for Different Platforms

The best dental marketing strategy will break down your tracking numbers across different messaging streams and platforms. As you browse your reports, you can see which channels work better than others, and for the services you’re targeting. Perhaps one demographic is more drawn to a particular media for dental implants, while another is converting for smile makeovers.

Numbers talk. At Apex Dental Solutions, data drives everything that we do. When you’re able to see the “what”, “where”, and “why” of how your dental marketing dollars are working, you can feel confident seeing exactly how well your marketing plan is working for you.

To see examples of our tracking strategies for dental practices like yours, reserve a free consultation today.

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